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Resource Center
Oklahoma City, OK
Sleep Therapy Equipment
CPAP, Auto CPAP, Bi-Level, Auto Bi-Level, Bi-Level ST, Auto SV Masks and Supplies 
Nasal Masks, Nasal Pillows, Full Face Masks, Oral / Nasal Mask Apnea Screening
Sleep Apnea screening devices, overnight pulse oximetry testing Troubleshooting
Mask problems, Machine problems, Dryness and irritation
Sleep REMedies
2833 Northwest 173rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73012

Phone: 405-843-ZZZS (9997)  
Toll Free: 866-GET-ZZZS 
Fax 405-843-9995

Welcome to SLEEP REMedies

SLEEP REMedies is owned and operated by Alex Brown and Billy O'Connell who are both licensed Respiratory Therapists. Our staff is trained and knowledgeable in a wide variety of sleep therapy equipment and supplies, which allows us to meet you and your patient's needs. From AutoPAP titrations to the precise fitting of a customized mask, we specialize in the treatment of patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) , providing a wide array of CPAP equipment and supplies. We participate with most major insurance plans, are a Medicare provider, and will coordinate insurance billing for covered items. Please contact us for more insurance and coverage information.

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